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The 3 Golden Goose Wealth Strategy is a simple, effective and highly scalable framework for allocating your money. This is the foundational wealth creation structure we teach at Golden Option.

Here’s the highlights:

Your 3 Golden Goose are Savings, Investments & Speculations
Feed them from your income in this order.

Your Savings Goose.

Your Savings Goose should be a multiple of your living expenses

It is wise to have: 2 months of living expenses stored in cash (minimum), 3-6 months of living expenses stored in cash (ideal) and 12 months of living expenses stored in cash (supreme stability). 

For example: 
If your living expenses are $4,000 per month… keep filling your Savings bucket until you have (4000 x 3) $12,000 in it. This represents 3 months of living expenses.

Your Investments Goose.

At that time, you may start feeding your investment goose.

Unless you have a provable skillset in speculation, keep feeding your investment Goose. While you’re feeding the first 2 Goose, you can be learning how to manage the last 2 Goose in a zero risk environment (paper trading, forward testing, mentorship, strategy development etc.)

You can learn more on how to invest,how to create a well diversified portfolio. You can put some of the investment in gold assets and physical gold. This is wise, as the learning curve alone may take some time. 

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Most people have a gambling addiction combined with an escape complex. They try to rapidly escape their unfulfilled lives and end up doing foolish things that makes their lives even worse. 

Your Speculations Goose.

Know the difference between an investment and a speculation/trading. 

Use the Trading vs Investing Guide we provided to take an opportunity. You can also take advantage of our Golden Option VIP Forex Signals and copy our trades to make more money. You can also consider that as diversifying your assets.

When you’re ready to speculate (and you have certainty in your system, not hope-based punting) ease into it gradually. Then you can trade for Yourself in a live account. 
Don’t test the depth of the river with both feet.

Depending on your 3, 6 and 12 month performance, you may rebalance capital and redirect income into your buckets at gradually adjusting ratios. In this way, master speculators will gain the advantage of having more of their capital generating high returns. novice speculators won’t lose their shirt. and non-speculators can still grow wealth by deploying long term investment strategies.
This is a win/win/win framework. 
If you follow these strategies, your 3 Golden Goose will develop into full grown Geese and will start laying golden eggs and you can enjoy them. You can sell the eggs to make Money or you could have them.



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