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Forex Trading Session : What Sessions do we Trade?

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In this blog articles...Forex Trading Session We will talk about the different trading sessions, when do they start, what time the different sessions overlap, what is the best time to trade forex, when do we trade at Golden Option. And what are the effects of the different sessions on some particular pairs.
          1. Forex Trading Sessions
          2. Tokyo Session
          3. London Session
          4. New York Session
          5. Other Sessions / How do we trade at Golden Option.

Intro to Trading Sessions

The forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week around the world, but it’s not always active. Though it is open for 24 hours, there are times for a certain currency pair where price action becomes volatile and times where it doesn’t move or consolidates.

So if you are wise, you must have thought, “what's the best time to trade forex?”. If so, buckle up buddy! You are gonna learn a lot today.

There are 4 main forex Trading Sessions in the forex market are the Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York Trading Sessions. The Sydney session opens up at 5pm EST and closes at 2am EST, the Tokyo session opens at 7pm EST and closes at 4am EST, the London session opens at 3am EST and closes at 12pm EST. Last but not least, the New York session opens at 8am EST and closes at 5pm EST.

Tokyo Session

The Tokyo Session is also known as Asian Forex Session. At the start of the week, the Asian markets are the first to see price action.

Asian session also includes China, Australia, New Zealand and Russia, with major trading center in Tokyo. Some characteristics of the Tokyo Session is that liquidity can be low and as a result most currency pairs trade within a price range or consolidates. 

And if during the Asian session, economic news from Australia, New Zealand and Japan came out, you will most likely see stronger moves in certain pairs that contain JPY, AUD and NZD. Tokyo Session makes up about 21% of all forex transactions. 

London Session

The London Session also known as the European Forex Session is one of the major trading sessions as there are many countries in Europe with strong capital markets' presence such as Germany, France, etc.

It has a huge trading volume, high liquidity, so the price tends to move. The London Session makes up about 32% of all forex transactions. Volatility dries up a bit in the middle of London session due to certain reasons. The London session is fast and active.

New York Session

The New York Session is mainly comprised by activity in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and countries in South America.

The morning hours of the New York session is where London session overlaps with New York session so there is a surge in liquidity and volatility. Economic news are mostly released at the beginning of the session. The New York Session makes up about 19% of all forex transactions.

Other Sessions / How do we trade at Golden Option.

There are other minor trading Sessions such as Frankfurt, Paris, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore Trading Sessions. Out of those four main Trading Sessions at Golden Option, only three are taken into importance.

We don’t really put more emphasis on the Sydney session because in accordance to our strategy, any GBP related pair doesn’t move much in these sessions. 

The New York session we use it only for gold, but we don’t trade Gold as often as GBP related pairs. We trade the GBP pairs like 90% of the time and gold really occasionally.

For those guys who follow our signals or follow the Golden Option strategy, as you already know we strongly recommend you to spend more time on the regular forex pair than the commodity “gold”. Because gold is more complex to understand and trade.  


The Forex market has three peak activity sessions: the Asian, European and New York sessions. The markets are most active in these three sessions, when most powerful banks and corporations are conducting business.

As you know timing is extremely important. Good timing produces good profits. We at golden option trade Tokyo and London Session mainly from its opening to closing. 

There is not a specific time to trade in forex as opportunities flow, every single minute, every single hour, every single day. We tend to focus on what works for us and where we see more volatility and volume in accordance to our system. We tend to trade from 7pm and 11 am est (opening of tokyo to the ending of london). 




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