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EagleFX Broker Review : Why It is One of the best beginner Friendly Forex And Crypto Broker

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In this blog article you will learn more EagleFx and why it is one of the best beginner friendly Forex and Crypto Broker.  You will learn more about it's platforms, tools, deposit and withdrawal methods, leverages, benefits, clients protections and support.
          1. About EagleFx Broker
          2. Multiple Deposits/Withdrawals Methods
          3. Leverage provided by Eagle Fx.
          4. Offering of Investments
          5. Platforms & Tools
          6. Benefits 
          7. Clients Protection Money In 3 Part
          8. FREE Forex Trading Strategy + $297 Course For FREE (BONUS)

About EagleFx Broker

EagleFX is an online Forex and cryptocurrency STP broker providing CFD trading on hundreds of assets and optimal trading conditions within the award-winning MT4 platform.

EagleFX offers deep liquidity, generous leverage up to 1:500, and some of the best spreads in the industry. As part of our commitment to our client’s satisfaction, we offer 24/7 live customer service, charge no deposit or withdrawal fees, and process withdrawals within 30-minutes or less. 

You can start with just $10 minimum deposit. You can start trading with EagleFX to join thousands of traders currently benefiting from high leveraged full STP/ECN CFD trading. 

You can choose from the various execution modes, including Instant Execution, as well as market execution, pending, stop orders and a trailing stop function. There are also no inactivity fees with Eagle Fx. 

Multiple Deposits/Withdrawals Methods

Eagle Fx provides multiple Deposits/Withdrawals Methods with no fees.

Deposit Options: Eagle Fx accepts three of the easiest and most secure funding methods: Bitcoin, Credit Card (visa), Debit Card (visa), and Wire Transfer. All these depositing methods are processed, free of charge. But, Bitcoin Cash is not accepted for deposits. 

Withdrawal Options: EagleFX offers 100% Free and Fast withdrawals. There are two withdrawal options available: Bitcoin and Coinbase/PayPal. 

Leverage provided by Eagle Fx.

Leverage is a very powerful instrument in trading. Leverage is an investment strategy of using borrowed money to increase the potential return of an investment.

Eagle Fx provides leverage according to asset types- Forex - 1:500, Metals - 1:500, Indices - 1:200, Energies - 1:200, Cryptocurrencies - 1:100 

Offering of Investments

Eagle Fx provides a wide range of instruments to trade with. It allows you to trade Forex Majors currencies, Forex minor currencies, Forex Exotics, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks and futures.


Platforms & Tools

EagleFX offers the award-winning MetaTrader 4 platform, complete with a variety of powerful interactive charts, analytical functions and technical indicators.

So you can use the Mt4 app or the software for pc to trade. They also allow you to trade directly from your browser using WebTrader.

Benefits - 

● 24/7 Support - The EagleFX support team is on hand 24/7 to support you through Live Chat, Email or Phone when you need it most. 

● Lightning Fast Trading - Take advantage of ultra fast STP execution speeds 

● 24/7 Trading - You can also trade a variety of assets at EagleFX and take advantage of uninterrupted 24/7 trading. 

● Security Of Funds - We safeguard your funds with multiple security measures

● Quick Withdraw & Deposit - We give you quick access to transactions. 

● High Growth Possibility - Fast execution and low spreads enhance your trading experience.

● Client commitment - Client data is never shared with 3rd parties. 

● Same Day Withdrawals - EagleFX provides processing withdrawals within the same day to ensure you have rapid access to your funds. It provides withdrawals within 30-minutes or less. 

Clients Protection Money In 3 Part

● Bitcoin Cold Storage 
As part of our commitment to safeguarding its client’s funds, they use the cold storage method. This means that client’s funds are not present on their web server or any other computer, but instead on an external storage device, completely safe from hackers.

The only amount kept on our server is the anticipated amount needed to quickly process your withdrawal requests. Everything else is locked up for safekeeping, away from the eyes and hands of thieves.

All funds are fully hedged on the largest global exchanges and are never impacted by Bitcoin rate fluctuations. They promise that the security and stability of your deposited funds will always be among their top priorities. 

● Risk Management Plan 
Their day-to-day operations include a comprehensive risk assessment. The goal is to monitor and analyze the risks that come with offering trading services. This allows people to stay ahead of and avoid any potential problems before they occur.

They are constantly evaluating our internal policies and systems to ensure financial stability today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

● Tier-One Processing 
Their commitment to fast and easy deposit and withdrawal procedures is centered around our relationships with only the best payment processors.

They’ve forged solid business connections with some of the top banks in the world and are continually working to fine-tune our payment processes. They assured that they do their very best to ensure that client’s deposits and withdrawals are secure and hassle-free.

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