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The reason Why I am Buying BTC Now

**Update: I sold all my xRP position due to recent S.E.C. development and many Others Problems They Are Facing!'**

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In this blog you will learn why I am investing on cryptos, buying BTC and what is my view on BITCOIN as of right now and my Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2021 & 2022. We will also share with you our analysis and expectation on where it will be heading.
First of all we shared we were thinking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, also where the price was going in our VIP members two - three weeks ago. (we were long on it)

Bitcoin is playing as we expected, and I am also seeing my investment basically 10x in the next 18 to 24 months.

Right now I am buying at around $18k, $19k and expecting to go all the way from 150k to 250k around somewhere in 2022.

Reasons Why Bitcoin is Volatile

We were seeing a lot of volatility on bitcoin for two particular reasons :

1. We were thinking that it was the time for bitcoin to go up, with obviously as November, December was the election

2. And also you can look up at the charts when the big boom in 2017 was. It was October, November, December. So exactly at the same time, more of a confluence!
Now bitcoin has almost hit all time high at the moment. Depending on some exchanges, because of the spread it has already hit all time high.

If you see at some other exchanges in korea, asia, at other third world countries, the price probably hit all time high with the spread.

What Could Happen Now!

There's two things that can happen when it hits all time high. And obviously we are not a genius and we don't have a crystal ball, we cannot say exactly what will happen.

But we can tell what will happen most likely.

1. The first one is, it goes up, hits the all time high and blows up further. Right now we might see that happen also, looking at the momentum.

2. The second prediction is after hitting the all time high it goes into a correction phase and gets some pullback or correction to like $17.5k or if it doesn't hold it goes to $16k or $15k and then It shoots up.

That’s the two scenarios right now, either it goes up continuously or it gets some correction. But in the longer term, my price prediction is by the end of 2021 it's gonna triple. It's gonna go like $50k, $60k usd somewhere at the end of 2021

What We are Planning!

If you want to book profit at all time high then you should put a sell limit. It's gonna be volatile there. When it hits all time high, the price will come down from$20k, $19.5k to $17k, $17.5k within 24 hours.

That's exactly what I have said. So if we look up at the chart, about 3, 4 days back, when it hit $18969 it came back down to $17600 and finds support there

So $17500 is going to be a support zone. By the way zones are not precise points. That's exactly like I have said.

And I feel comfortable buying it for $20k because I am playing the long game. I am expecting the price of Bitcoin in 2022 at between $150k to $250k, that is a 10x. 

Also if the price retraces to $15k after hitting the all time high, I don't mind the discount. That's 15x instead of 10x. But you can also book 50% profit when it hits $100k. So this is my plan. 



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