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How To Trade Like A Professionnal & Handle Your MONEY wISELY! 
treat trading like a business, the martingale system, risk vs reward & money management!
Here's what we cover:
1. risk Management: How Much Should You Risk Per Forex Trade & What Tool To Use To Calculate It Easily

2. Stop Loss at BE & Securing Profits: How to Handle a Winning Trade & To make Sure To Secure Profits On Every Winning Trades. 

3. Martingale System & Reward Vs Risk: To stick with 2:1 risk-to-reward ratio (minimum) setups will allow you to make steady growth + Trade like the casino = with an hedge!

Best Ways To Improve Your Risk Management 
1. Don't Risk more than 5% per trade
Most retail traders over risk their capital by risking 10 - 20% per trade, which means that if they were to experience a period of losing streaks, their capital wouldn’t even survive the 10th loss in a row.

It is not frequently mentioned, but one should ever loose +30% of their trading balance, because at this point it’s clear that something or many elements of the trading plan are not working out well.

In order to avoid a potential account blowup, you should not risk more than 5% per trade, that way it’ll statistically take 20 lost trades in a row (very not likely to happen, unless totally unexperienced) to destroy a trading account.

Moreover, to risk anywhere from 1 – 5%/trade will also allow you not to give too much importance to a trade, which can lead emotions to get involved into your trading, that way invalidating your analysis and finally causing an easy and unnecessary loss. To calculate a proper lot use myfxbook position size calculator
2. Break Even method 
Your first goal once you push the button to buy or sell a currency pair is not to make a profit, but to take out your risk off the take.

Once engaged into a trade, you must protect your capital and an effective way to do so is to move your stop loss at Break Even (entry price) once price reaches 30 – 40 pips towards the speculated direction.

Now in the worst case, you avoid losing capital in case price reverses to hit your stop loss. If you step into the Forex Trading industry and avoid losing money, it’s already a victory. 
3. Secure profits 
The second goal after withdrawing your risk, is to secure some profits.

You may have a final target of 100 pips or higher, but the market does what it wants and at any moment, therefore we always have to be prepared for a deep correction or reversal taking us out of the trade.

To avoid wasting your time & energy, as price runs in your favor, gradually collect partial profits, that way even if you secure 50 – 40 or even 30 pips, there will be constant progression no matter how little.
4. Avoid volatility spikes 
Whether there’s instant volatility and spread increase in USD pairs due to the closure of the New York session (17:00 EST Time)

Or because of an important economic event and don’t feel comfortable to handle the momentum that might affect or even stop out a trade currently opened, then don’t take chances and close the trade(s) unless experienced enough with these kind of scenarios or at least put them at Break Even if price has already moved a couple tens of pips. 
5. Avoid Fridays 
Don’t open more trades on Fridays as price might start reversing and/or there’s not going to be much advancement because volatility is generally at its lowest (unless fundamentals involved), but also because spread might increase as well.

Moreover, it is suggested to close all trades before market closure on Friday as weekend rollover rates might affect opened trades. 

And below are some extras that will help you in your trading journey
Part 2.
Martingale System
The ultimate difference between a professional trader and an amateur trader is simply their perspective on money management. Like dieting or working out, traders do know the importance of money management, but they hardly practice this in real life.

The reason is, it takes time to understand how they should manage money. They have to continuously monitor their account and keep them updated with the recent events.

Without proper money management, Forex trading can be very risky as it takes huge time to recover from a big loss. The following table shows you how difficult it is to recover from a loss:
There are many incidents occur with traders who didn’t take money management seriously. Some traders lost everything because they didn’t plan their money management.

Most of the new traders start trading with high hopes and visualize big dreams. In reality, hardly any traders take precautions to save their money from losing. With the hope of Big Win, traders can fall in great loss.
Risk-To-Reward (R/R) Ratio of 2:1
To stick with 2:1 risk-to-reward ratio (minimum) setups will allow you to make steady growth. It’s always better to aim at a higher reward as compared to what it’s risked because most traders have a tendency to lose, specially beginners.

If you win a 2:1 trade setup and risk 5%, you’ll make 10%. Now, even if you lose the 2 next trades, at 5% risk each, that’ll bring your account balance to the starting point (or around, considering the fees). 
Small Account Process
The leverage in Forex Trading is what allows the fast compound of money. However, it’s not all amounts that are duplicatable fast unless your skillset is very advanced.

In order to start seeing some fast results, it is very common of professional traders to advice aspiring traders to have at least a $10 000 starting balance. However, that amount is not at the reach of everybody, so in general the average trader opens an account with 500-2000$.

With that amount, which is considered pretty small, it is not suggested to trade for the money as the compounding effect might be very slow. With that proportion, a trader should use it to build a nice track record by workout his/her skills: make mistakes, rectify & fix them to improve the skillset. 

Throughout time & progression, it is recommended to add more money in order to reach a decent amount that will allow bigger potential returns in the future.
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