The #1 Mistake New Traders Make
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Here's what we cover:
1. The Mistake Traders Make (Especially the Beginners)

2. What You Should Focus On (Profit Vs PIPS Vs %) ?

3. What You Should Do as Beginner & Intermediate trader?

4. How to Get Your Trading Account Funded From 50K to 250K
The #1 Mistake New Traders Make
The number one mistake traders make (especially beginners) is trying to get rich quick particularly when they have a small account because they see other traders with 50k, 500k, 5 million account balance. 

Therefore try to flip it very fast without taking consideration of risk management, a trading plan & simply having any good worthful reasons to do it which lead a lot of traders to lose all their money very fast.

That’s mainly why 90% of the traders lose 90% of their money within their first 90 days, commonly referred as the 90 90 90 rule.

The problem is that newcomers want it too fast, think that it’s easy because all they see are the traders that continually post their wins (but hide their losses) and want to achieve big results without putting any considerable and consistent effort to learn: skip the inevitable process of becoming a trader. 

What You Should Focus on?
Instead of focusing on money, traders should look up to constant learning progress and growth of their account, but not in terms of dollars but of percentage.

Therefore, a trader who wants to keep getting better should open 2 trading accounts:

  - one account to build a good track record (for 6-12 months) 
  - the other one to practice, try new things, blow it if necessary & keep trying again.
What You Should Do?
Also, even before thinking about opening a live account, one must at least have a minimum education by knowing the basics and understand how Forex Trading works.

In order to get be aligned on the right path since the beginning of the journey, it is fundamental to go through our FREE & PAID online course and to learn the technical basics (patterns, candlesticks formations, indicators, risk management, etc).

And read Trading in the Zone by Marc Douglas which will provide you with the appropriate values & philosophy to think like a professional successful trader.